Sky Rocket Your Reach, Online Visiblity & Income.

  • SeedBright for Business.
    Stand Out In Your Industry as the Authority.

    Designed for maximum online visibility and profibitability. An essential expansion for your online or offline business. Need your product inventory highly ranked and visible in search engine, mobile and social media? Whether you want to automate appointments for your clients, generate a list of indivduals who are interested in what you have to offer or if your is goal to be #1 on Google for your local listing of your business. Seedbright will deliever laser targeted traffic to your business through several different cutting edge methods.

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  • SeedBright for Personal.
    Commission Based Opportunties.

    Don't have a product? No problem! Seedbright utilizes online programs that pay commisions based on sales or "clicks". We create, configure and maintain your affiliate marketing business. Examples of programs that are offered:,,, Not only do we give you a global reach but we create a 24 hour, 7 days a week automated buinsess. Ask us today how we can get you started on the right track.

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  • SeedBright for Production Creation
    Insightful, Detailed Research & Development.

    Do you have an idea but don't know what to do

    with it? Not sure if its even profitable? Do you

    have a prototype and your still looking for the

    right manufacturer and distributor and

    licensing agreement? Seedbright will not only

    provide the research and development required

    to create your product, we also go to work to

    create your product and put it in the hands of those

    who can offer you licensing deals and distribution

    as well as funding through venture capitalists,

    grants and angel investors. Think of us as an

    all in one assembly line for todays busy inventor.


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  • SeedBright's Competitive Insider.
    Knowledge is Power.

    We offer an extenstive competition intelligence program coupled with detailed product research. This provides you with an exclusive opportunity to be an authority in your industry, giving you an edge over your competitors.

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  • SeedBright Culture Cultivator.
    Products With Emotional Content.

    We believe that not only should you have a quality product that people need to use. We also believe that your products should be delievered in such a way that it relieves your customers before it even gets to their hands.

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  • SeedBright Fund Finder.
    We Take The Hassle Out Funding.

    No company can be successful without clear

    and definite goals. This is exactly what our

    funders want to see. Whether you already have

    a successful business or a great idea we put

    you in touch with those who can make your

    dreams a reality. With our contacts through angel

    investors, venture capitalists and with our detail

    knowledge of grant funding, SeedBright will go to

    bat for you every time to ensure your business is

    in the right hands.

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Innovative & Resourceful Solutions

Adsense Case Study

Adsense Case Study
Seedbright creates 6 figure income stream.

One of our first clients was determined to make a success out of their Adsense income. They knew it was possible so they asked us to create a revenue stream with our patent pending software.

The best part of this particular system is that nothing ever comes out of the web visitors pocket when you make money. Thanks to Google, you make money just by a visitor clicking on an advertisement thats displayed on your web site. The web visitor doesn't even know they are making you money. It's a win-win situation.

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